Police Blue Leather Wallet
Police Blue Leather Wallet

Police Blue Leather Wallet

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Design:  Police Blue
Leather Color: Black
Thread Color: Blue

The Police Blue Leather Wallet features quality Black Leather with a stunning blue fabric interior. Our expert seamstress will handcraft your wallet's stitches with blue thread which will leave a unique and classy look.

We only use the best leather for our wallets that will ensure security and style. The leather is made to beautifully soften and age with time to guarantee our customers a full satisfaction.


Wallet Height: 4 ½ inch
Wallet Length: 6 ½ inch                                                                                              3½ Inch Folded                                                                                                          2 Pockets                                                                                                                Money Clip or Magnet Clip

✄ Handcrafted by NDesigns in Fayetteville, TN.