Cherry and Black Clutch with Alligator

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Our Cherry and Black Clutch with Alligator is perfect duo tone combo to complement every outfit. This precious bag is just the right size for all the essentials without all the bulk. Made with genuine USA brown and black leather and handmade in our store in Fayetteville, TN. We take a lot of pride in our bags as it is made with only specialty and high quality products. The leather is made to beautifully soften and age with time to guarantee our customers a full satisfaction.



✮ Genuine Brown and Black Leather

**Please note Leather colors may vary**

✮ American Alligator



✮ 8"L x 6''W

✮ 4.5 Deep x 7" Wide

✮ 7.25" -Removable Key Chain


✄ Handcrafted by NDesigns in Fayetteville, Tennessee